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It’s a breeze

One screw. That’s it. Then fix the wires any way you like and your PinPuc is ready!

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Fix it straight against a wall, wrap it round a corner, hang it from the ceiling – no space is too awkward for your PinPuc.
Got lots to display? Just connect several PinPucs via the wires and the sky’s the limit (well ok, maybe just the walls of your place).

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Choose a design for the cap of the Puc from our range of materials and colours or upload your favourite image and we’ll make you your very own customized PinPuc. Other ideas? Let us know at

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Forget pin holes. 10! powerful Neodym-magnets (N45) hold it all in place! Fasten postcards, pictures or several sheets of paper to your PinPuc- the superstrong magnets will hold them all. Need more magnets? No problem. Just order them from us.

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